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  • venezolana
  • 21 Years old
  • Heterosexual
  • 19

Venezuelan flavor! Venezolana radicada en Bogotá, amante del baile, los tatuajes y la expresión corporal. Instagram @camburacido

wall flower Price: $9 USD

wall flower

everyone is out there and I'm here, back against the wall with no intention of joining the rest of the group, I want to be left to my own devices and have everyonej out there stop for one second and notice the beauty of being happy by myself. they will all notice even if just for a second, I’ll be a wall flower in the center stage, blooming, growing, breathing.

the winning team Price: $10 USD

the winning team

Caribbeandarkness acaba de llegar a casa luego de un emocionante juego que - por supuesto - ganó, ahora quiere que la veas ponerse cómoda y sacarse la ropa antes de la ducha.