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Terms and Conditions


1. Registration requirements:

  • I. You must be at least eighteen years old to register as a user and be able to make purchases. Notice: User should be at least the age of consent in the jurisdicción/country from which the site is viewed or accessed.
  • II. Purchases and displays of Badgirls8 services must be allowed by your country laws.

2. When you create an account at you are agreeing that the following is truth:

  • 1. I’m eighteen years or older and i have the age of consent in the state/country where i’m visiting the web site.
  • 2. I'm familiar with the laws in my area/state/country about accessing or purchasing to adult –oriented websites and related materials.
  • 3. I know my account is personal and non transferable so I will not, by action or inaction, directly or indirectly, share such materials with or make such materials available to a minor or older people in any manner whatsoever.
  • 4. I understand that being a user at and view material – by purchasing or free – I will be exposed to erotic photos, images, sexual activity recordings or recreations, audios, and more, and I'm joining because it's my choice and nobody else compels me to do it.

3. User information

  • I. Badgirls8 is not a totally free website. We sell photos but you could enjoy free videos and photos that we had selected especially for you. We're adding material for sale and free stuff daily.
  • II. Registration form will request a true, accurate and current email in order to verify your personal information. It's your responsability to update such information and keep it true, accurate and current.
  • III. You are agreeing that BadGirls8 mail you with newsletters and offers.
  • IV. The registration form will provide you an auto generated password which you can change after doing mail verification.
  • V. We guarantee you privacy: No one can see your username and personal information
  • VI. Your account is intended for personal use only. You can't share or lend it to no one. If you suspect someone else is using your account, please contact us.

4. BadGirls8 services.

  • I. Our services include but not limited to the following: upload, share and display erotic content, including sexually explicit images and performances. Users have access to all material avaliable in the website.
  • II. All the Bg8's content are provided by third parties and we don't do supervisory tasks about it.
  • III. You accept we - BadGirls8, their employees, emissaries and partners - don't take responsability by any content available and produced by third parties and you agree to indemnify and holds us harmless from and against any and all demands, claims, losses or damages as a result of your membership or access to the website.
  • IV. The Site may contain links to sites that are controlled by third parties and Badgirls8 is not responsible for the content of any such linked site or any link contained in a linked site. We provides such links only with advertising purposes, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by us of any linked site
  • V. We don't assume responsibility for access, damages and purchases made by third parties with your account.

5. Registry at

  • I. You have to complete the form and create an user to join and view the free stuff and material for sale.
  • II. You are not allow to sell or share your personal access and any content available at the website.
  • III. Remember that your account is intended for personal use only. You can't share or lend it to no one. If you suspect someone else is using your account, please contact us.
  • IV. User will be held liable for damages produced when his personal account is used by third parties. In the same way, BadGirls8 is not responsible for any damage or injury that affect to user by unauthorized uses by third parties. To prevent this, we recommend you to create safe password and keep it updated.

6. Permissions and restrictions.

  • I. When you create an account at BadGirls8 you are accepting don't sharing or distribute by any way parts of the website or all content available for sale or free.
  • II. You agree don't modify any part of our website and only access to BadGirls8 by devices allowed by us. It's not allowed using robots, spiders and any automatic device as well as using hand processes or softwares in order to copy or recorder the website and it content.
  • III. Users are not allowed to use any part of the website with commercial purposes. Access to the material can only be bought in our website, never to other users or third parties. If you are doing this, will be exposed to legal penalties.
  • IV. When you use BadGirls8 services you are accepting this terms and conditions and all the laws related in your state or country.
  • V. If you login at bg8 from a public pc or device we suggest you to log out before leave it.

Still having questions? Please read our FAQS. If you need more info or talking with us write to and we will answer soon.

This terms are only for Don't copy or reproduce.