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BadGirls8 FAQ


What is

Badgirls8 is an adult entertainment website, where you can have access to different contents. Some of them are free and for view anothers you will have to pay.

What kind of services do you offer?

In our website you can have access to photo albums from bg8 models that you can buy. We also have free content available for all of our registered user and special prices and promotions for our best buyers.

Can I have free photos?

Yes! Our registered users have access to different contents like free photo albums and special videos that we're always updating. Also we offer special prices for our best users.

How can I buy a photo album?

Buy a photo album is very easy! just have to be registered as a user, choose the photo album and follow the steps.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay using debit card or credit card. We use webpay system and guarantee you safety.

How can I create an account?

In order to become a registered user you have to being legal age in your country. If you comply with this, you can create an account by clicking this link. Register

Password recovery.

You can get a new password by clicking this link: password recovery

¿How can I contact to

If you have any suggestion or need more information, you can write us to and we will reply you soon.

I want to delete my account.

If you want to delete your user account you have to fill this form. You have to know that if you do this and later you want to join again to badgirls8 you will have to registered as a new user.

I need information that I could not find reading the website or this FAQS

If you need more information maybe you should read our terms of use. If you didn't find the answer you can write us to and we will contact you.

I’m in love with a Badgirl. Can I get her personal contact information?

No. We never make public any personal information about our models.

I want to be a Badgirl8 model.

If you want to be a model, you have to being legal age in your country and have an bank account (i.e deposit, current account, etc). If you comply with this you have to write us at and tell us you wanna join to bg8.

Badgirls8 request some kind of body requirement/standard/advertising bodytype?

No, we don't are looking for the perfect woman or advertising bodytype. We belive in real beauty that every woman have. You just have to be commited and have personal motivation. If you do, you can write us in order to join to

I want to be a Badgirls8 photographer.

First of all, you have to being legal age in your country and have studies or knowledge about photography. Then, you have to write us to and attach a link where we can see your work.

There is something forbidden in Badgirls8?

Yes, in order to have good communal living we have some rules and forbidden actions. We recommend you read our terms of use where you can get more information.

I want to report a badgirls8 model

If a badgirl8's behavior is against our rules or terms of use, you can write us to

I want to suggest something.

For suggestions, complains or something else you have to write us at and we will reply ou soon.

Can I see badgirls8 website and content in movile devices?

Yes. Our website, photos and live cams can be display in the different movile devices like smartphones, tablets, iphones, etc.

Is safe my personal information?

Yes. We guarantee you safety.

Need I fast internet connection?

If you want to view the website youneed to have a internet connection faster than 2 megabytes of downloading.